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360 degree MSF

Doctor MSF is an independent survey company specialising in 360 multi-source feedback for doctors. Our packages simplify data collection and save time. We employ the GMC questionnaires, invite your colleagues, and complete the data entry and reporting. We will email you a patient report and/or colleague report, the GMC benchmarking data and a template for reflection. Doctor MSF surpass the GMC requirements for appraisal and revalidation.

Doctor MSF key points

+Reports surpass GMC standards.
+Full 360 degree MSF only £80 to £99.
+Choose patient, colleague or both.
+Already collected data? No problem.
+We can analyse any questionnaires.
+Efficient, reliable, independent, secure.
+All packs include GMC self-assessment, GMC benchmarks and reflection guide.
+SSL encryption for web questionnaires.
+We value confidentiality and your privacy.
+DrMSF only report to you.

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I was very pleased with the service provided by Doctor MSF [...] Doctor MSF was competitively priced compared to the others and was easy to access. Also it was easy to understand what the service involved. I am particularly grateful to Dr Jonathan Davies for explaining the procedure in a simple manner which meant that the whole process was easy to manage. I was also impressed by how quickly the materials were provided and the survey results were sent out with a comprehensive interpretation.
Dr A.R. - Haematology

Doctor MSF services


The full revalidation package includes: Secure online colleague and self assessment questionnaires.
45 professionally printed GMC patient questionnaires.
Ballot box, GMC benchmark data, reports

Or choose colleague and/or patient analysis and reporting. All options includes the GMC self-assessment.


Specialist GMC benchmarks include setting specific benchmarks for General Practitioners, Secondary Care Doctors -including Psychiatry, Medicine and Paediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Psychiatry and generic benchmarks for all primary care and secondary care doctors.
Doctor MSF will complete data entry, aggregate your results and provide you with reports.

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Sample GMC guidelines

Independent Feedback for doctors
The GMC ... would expect that any questionnaire will be administered independently of the doctor and the appraiser. - GMC, 2012.

Doctor MSF independently gather validated multi-source feedback for doctors. Doctor MSF provide everything needed to gather patient and colleague feedback and complete the analysis independently.

Validated questionnaires from the GMC
Feedback from colleagues and patients will usually be collected using standard questionnaires that comply with GMC guidance. - GMC, 2012.

Doctor MSF only employ the official GMC questionnaires to provide doctors with validated feedback for appraisal and revalidation.

Cover your whole practice for revalidation
The exercise should reflect the whole scope of
your practice. The range of patients providing feedback should reflect the range of patients that you see. The selection of colleagues will depend on the nature of your practice. We recommend that you ask as wide a range of colleagues as possible and this might include colleagues from other specialties, junior doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, and management and clerical staff.