Dr MSF can tailor research solutions

DrMSF can complete bespoke research, because one size does not fit all.

DrMSF can provide an easy and flexible route to implementing any bespoke questionnaire process you require.

Feedback can be gathered securely online using our adaptable software. DrMSF can design and provide online questionnaires that fit your needs. These could, for example, be employed specifically to target training and development initiatives.

This information can be invaluable in informing decisions that can make a real difference to the performance of yourself or your organisation.

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Normal turnaround for reports is around two weeks (after data collected and received), we offer priority turnaround options if you need your report in a hurry. Please contact for details and availability.

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Full 360 MSF pack - £99

Everything needed for patient & colleague feedback. Plus self-assessment, GMC benchmarks and template for reflection.

Full 360 MSF pack - self print - £80

As full 360 but we do not send the patient pack, instead you print the patient questionnaires and send them back when completed. Secure online colleague survey.

Patient survey - paper - £75

45 questionnaires, ballot box, data entry, analysis and report. Choose if you have provision for colleague feedback.

Name to print on questionnaire

Online colleague survey - £45

You provide your colleague email addresses. Doctor-msf-360-degree invite your colleagues to complete the short online questionnaire. You have provision for patient feedback.

Patient Analysis - £55

Send us your completed GMC patient questionnaires for data entry, analysis and reporting.

Colleague Analysis - £50

You have completed paper copies of the GMC colleague survey and require data entry, analysis and reporting.

Group Discounts

Full 360 pack group discounts. We will offer a group discount, usually of around 5%.

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