...extremely professional and prompt service, with excellent feedback material including extensive data. Excellent value for money - thank you!
Dr Kevin Bratt - GP locum
Very Efficient. Easy to use. Good support when needed by Jonathan, very promt replies. I would recommend. And quite cheap!!!!
Dr Arthur Calnan - Psychiatrist

More Than 20 years of Experience

Researching healthcare for the NHS and private clinics. Research in academia and education.

DrMSF has the experience necessary to make collecting 360 multi-source feedback data for your appraisal and revalidation as easy and trouble free as possible.

Dr MSF respect privacy and confidentiality.

We only collect the information required to complete our services. We check patient and colleague confidentiality. Results are aggregated, based on everyone taking part.

DrMSF employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Responses are sent across the Internet using SSL, the leading Internet encryption technology. PDF reports are password protected (with intent to secure the report in your email archives only).

DrMSF work for you
When you ask Dr MSF to gather your 360 degree feedback, we aim to always offer the best service. Our previous customers have largely agreed, we make gathering 360 degree, multi-source feedback easy.

Quality Standards

Dr MSF ensure

All information and responses are held in line with the Data Protection Act, 1998.
Doctors will not see any individual responses from colleagues.
Feedback to doctors are based on the answers from everyone taking part.


Questionnaires reflect the values and principles of the GMC's core guidance Good Medical Practice.
Questionnaires are designed in a way that is consistent with the principles of good questionnaire design.
Have been piloted to demonstrate that they are effective for the purpose of revalidation.
Dr MSF use the final version of the GMC questionniare, to ensure standards are met.

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How it Works

You place an order
Following your order, DrMSF will send a confirmation email containing a link to online colleague nomination and a self assessment questionnaire, as well as patient questionnaires in hard copy.
You collect patient data, we collect colleague data
After collection, send the patient surveys back to us for data entry. Dr MSF will contact your colleagues and invite them to complete the GMC colleague questionnaire securely online.
Data entry and reporting
We data enter the patient questionnaires and aggregate all results to produce two separate patient and colleague reports. These are emailed to you in password protected .pdf format.
Reports plus...
As well as the two reports, we provide the GMC benchmarks and a template for reflection. We can tailor our service, e.g. if you prefer the reports without a password, please let us know.


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More Testimonials

Was very impressed with fast, prompt, friendly and personal service.
Dr Anon - General Practice
I was very pleased with Dr MSF. Communication was fast and efficient. So was the service. Very professional.
Dr Anon - Oncology
Excellent service, very good communication from Dr Jonathan Davies.
Dr Anon - Medicine (including 'Medicine' and 'Paediatrics')
I was nervous about doing my first 360 but DrMSF has made it very easy and transparent. They sent me my patient questionaires within a few days which gave me the kick start I needed.They also kept me up to date on which colleagues hadnt yet replied which enabled me to encourage colleagues to complete the online questionaire. Most importantly, my appraisal was due in 3 days after I sent back the parcel of completed patient questionaires. I asked if it would be possible to have the feedback in by 3 days and DrMSF managed to send me back the feedback report within this time. I am very pleased and relieved to have it back in time to attatch to my appraisal. Thankyou!
Dr B.L. - GP
Very efficient and dealt with my MSF on time.
Dr L.H. - GP
A very professional service that delivers. The process is done in an easy stepwise fashion and the short waiting time for the results to be collated and sent, is impressive. Results are presented in a well organised and professional manner, and price-wise they cannot be beaten. Highly recommended.
Dr Alan S - GP